All you need to know about peels.

Are you tired of rough feet which embarrass you in public (try peels)? Do you want to rock those summer sandals (try peel treatment )? Moreover are you trying to achieve even skin tone? You just need to try our peels..

In addition we understand that these are day to day struggles you have to deal with. Therefore we have designed treatments to take you out of your misery. These include peels for face and even peels for acne

Facial peel


A procedure that removes the dead top layer of the skin by the application of an acidic formulation so as to improve the appearance of the skin.

You might be wondering. How does it work? A chemical solution is applied on the skin thus causing it to exfoliate and with time the skin peels off.

As a result the new skin is less wrinkled and smoother and undoubtedly giving you a fresh beautiful appearance.

After facial peel


Prior to the treatment we recommend the use of retinoid cream. In order to shorten your treatment time. And speed up the heeling process.

Secondly avoid cosmetic treatments and certain types of hair removal. Stop waxing approximately a week before the treatment.

Also, avoid bleaching, massages and facial scrubs a week before the peels.

Importantly, do not exfoliate prior the chemical peel!

female facial peel


The quick answer is yes!

However when people hear the word “chemical” they become scared.  But in actual fact chemical peels are widely used to treat many conditions with great results! Therefore fear not.

facial peels for acne

Did you know?

Despite what the name suggests Chemical peels don’t really peel the skin. The rapidly exfoliate the skin consequently causing dead skin to peel off. Fun fact right!

One side peel on facial


Yes indeed. Chemical peels exfoliate the skin and remove the dark spots caused by acne.

This is wonderful news to those of us who suffer from acne break out. We all understand how annoying they are. Nevertheless we have a peel for skin suitable for acne.

Removing facial peel


Acne attack peel- R495

The most effective treatment for eliminating and controlling all forms of acne in adults as well as youth.

 It has an immediate soothing and cooling effect on irritable skin as well as smoothing the skins surface.

Lastly the most satisfying thing. Is watching the scars fade away and the new skin resurfacing.

Essel Peel- R650

The search for facial peels near me is over. Essel peel is an advanced peel based on a unique blend of salicylic, glycolic, lactic and azelaic acids. To sum up it results in smoother, firmer and fresher looking skin. 

Peels of skin treatment can be successfully used for acne.

Foot Peel- R300

Peels treatment for your feet. A Highly effective as well as affordable treatment that improves the appearance of your feet.

It works well to remove dead skin cells of feet. The foot peel is combined with a pedicure and as a result it leaves your feet soft and smooth.

Our therapists are always ready to assist

The qualified skincare therapist will conduct an in depth consultation before every peel to understand your particular concerns so as to establish a diagnosis.

Then, you and her together, will work on a treatment programme. and homecare regime to suit your skin and achieve the desired result.

 Bear in mind that your skin changes between the seasons therefore it has different needs. 

Anti aging facial


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We are open to discuss the type of treatment your skin might need with that thought in mind,we value our clients hence why we ensure their voices are heard in order to deliver a satisfactory end result.