The sea contains the greatest source natural ingredients available it also represents wealth particularly. Phytomer (for facials) is the leading company in marine biotech. It is one of the only cosmetic laboratories capable of reproducing the best aspects of health without facial pain

Good care of your skin has many advantages in the long run for instance you are less likely to suffer from facial nerve damage. The Phytomer gives natural skin treatment.

woman wearing spa gown waiting for facial treatment

Skin analysis

Take  skin analysis before every facials. It allows us to understand your concerns and establish a diagnosis. Importantly, your skin changes between seasons, consequently your treatment will change.
The therapist will recommend the correct treatment.

Zulu gal doing face treatment

Time control and anti-ageing facials.

Skincare meets technology

A synergy of our anti ageing Pioneer facial along with Near Infra-Red technology.
This treatment 

• Increases blood circulation. 

• Produces collagen & elastin

As a result you get a non-surgical face lift.
120 MINUTES – R1050

Facial treatment process
Spa treatment. Face massage. Massage of the forehead and chin zone of the client.

City life hydration facial cream

Impurity protection treatment

The facial helps you to fight the harsh environment and weather when living in the city. It gives a real breath of oxygen to the skin and for that reason you feel protected from contaminating pollution. It is a facial cleanser. To begin with, your skin remains hydrated secondly fatigue is eased and lastly your complexion remains even and its also a facials for dry skin.
75 MINUTES – R 600

Happy facial treatment client in Johannesburg

White illumination facial

Brightening radiance treatment

This treatment is the ultimate facial for every function!
It targets dull complexion and pigmentation through deep cleansing and chemical exfoliation. The treatments targets wrinkles as well and its also a facials that remove blackheads. And its also a facials for acne 
Application of the new Luminous Complexion Mask with Vitamin C delivers a final burst of radiance leaving your skin glowing. This facials prices range from:
60 MINUTES – R 590

Beauty by laser client applying facial cleanser

Youth revealing pioneer facial (effective)

Ant-ageing treatment

Firstly, your skin’s youthfulness, softness and luminosity is restored in addition the skin is left smoother and firmer in just 90 minutes.
To sum it up, the treatment has two new professional masks and a unique resurfacing lotion. This treatment reaches the height of biotechnological performance.
90 MINUTES – R 700

facial in Johannesburg

Is a Facial mask good for your skin?

Face masks are good at moisturising your skin, furthermore they reduce water loss on your skin.
They remove excess oils as well as improve the appearance of your pores. In addition it works well as a facial mask for acne.

Facial makeup

Can I put makeup after a facial?

Yes you definitely can! However we encourage clients to let their skin breathe a little and soak up the effects of the treatment.
Types of facial makeup:

 • Bronzer 

• Eyebrow pencil 

• Concealer 

• Face powder 

• Contour powder and creams.


Facials for acne in Johannesburg

10 Benefits of a Facial Scrub 2020

1. Facial moisturizer thus soften your skin. 

2. It is a facial toner. 

3. Rejuvenates the skin cells. 

4. Reduces acne break out (facials for acne)

5. Removes dirt and cleanses . 

6. Facial dark spot remover. 

7. Minimizes facial peel.

8. Its a facials that remove blackheads.

9. Its a facials for pigmentation.

10. You don’t apply over and over again it works like magic

In conclusion, Phytomer facial products are the future of facial care, and don’t you want to take part in the future?

Facials Near Me

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