Manicures & Pedicures

Mani and Pedi (2019)

Our manicure and pedicure  treatments are particularly enhanced with the Mother of Africa Therananka natural range. Now, a quick fix together with a long luxurious pampering for your hands and feet. 

After manicure process

4 Benefits (Pedicure)

Here are a few benefits that will change your life

  1. To begin with it decreases chances of infection like nail fungus.
  2. Also exfoliates your feet hence your skin is hydrated.
  3. Additionally promotes blood circulation.
  4. To sum up it relaxes the body.
female feet with drops water spa bowls towels flowers candles

Manicure nails (Manicure on short nails )

Updated Manicures remover

Firstly we buff the surface of your nail to remove shine. Secondly we soak them in a cotton ball with acetone and place it directly of the nail.

Followed by wrapping each finger with a foil and after 10 to fifteen minutes the gel or artificial nail should slide right off.

2020 Manicures for men

Unlike women’s, the men’s treatment consists of filing down the nails. In addition we soften the skin on the hands and shape the cuticles.

Quite simple without doubt!

beauty by laser manicure

Deluxe mani and pedi

75 MINUTES- R335/ R380

You’ll get a long relaxing soak in caviar gel balls.

 Furthermore we use African earth body polish in hope that your skin is exfoliated.

Moreover, you get an indulgent massage with African Storm Avo-shea butter.

Now we complete your treatment with a Hydrating Aloe gel wrap with either lacquer paint (or Gel Colour at an additional cost).

Manicure process

Express Mani & Pedi

45 MINUTES –R220/ R250

Includes soaking your hands or feet with Atlantic Peace bath salt, followed by a relaxing exfoliation using Africa earth body polish. We continue with nail and cuticle prep and end with a lacquer paint (or Gel Colour at an additional cost).

Choose from our large variety of OPI colours or keep it natural with a bright French finish.

Deluxe Manicure in Johannesburg

Manicure and pedicure in Johannesburg

Lastly get the best spar treatment in Johannesburg.

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