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premium soy eco-candles with unique aromatherapy blends

SoyLites are eco-friendly, locally manufactured, soy based candles. With around 20 unique essential oil blends these products will invigorate your senses and enhance any space.

great to take home and pamper your loved ones

SoyLites are divided into two main ranges; Moisturising and Massaging candles.
When burning, the candle melts and makes a pool of oil which is warm to the touch and comfortably applied to the body. The Massage oil has a smooth, creamy texture, rich in nourishing vitamin E and lecithin, specifically formulted for use as a complete aromatherapy body product. The moisturising candles are ideal for use as a general hand, face & body moisturiser or an ideal oil for cracked heels and cuticle care.

moisturising soy candle range


BALANCE – warm, relaxing and calming, helps fight depression
neroli - cedar wood - lemongrass

CINNAMON CITRUS - stimulating, uplifting and boosting
cinnamon - naartjie - grapefruit - clove - pimento

DECADENCE – relaxing, comforting and calming
vanilla - ylang ylang 

ENERGISE - an uplifting & energising blend that will leave you feeling rejuvenated
spearmint - peppermint - eucalyptus - geranium - ginger

HARMONY - an exotic floral blend that uplifts, soothes and restores a sense of peace and balance
rose - geranium - jasmine

ORGANIC CITRONELLA - clears the mind and has a toning effect on the body

ORGANIC LAVENDER - soothing, calming effect on nerves. Helps with headaches & insomnia, revitalises the skin

PEACEFUL SUMMER - an effective insect repellent that is also refreshing
citronella - lemongrass - lavender

REJUVENATION - refreshing, calming and reviving, invokes a sense of clarity
lemongrass - lavender - lime

Box of 12 tea lights - R 115.00
220ml - R 145.00

massage body candle range

blended with shea butter, avocado & grapeseed oil


BABY LOVE - ideal and safe for use by pregnant woman and babies
soy - coconut oil

CUPIDS TOUCH - sensual and balancing, this blend will lift your spirits and evoke the feminine
ylang ylang - rosewood

DETOXIFY - boosting, cleansing and detoxifying, intimate and calming on the nervous system
fennel - grapefruit - juniper - marula oil

INDULGENCE - a calming and soothing blend with anti-depressant qualities
vanilla - ginger - grapefruit

INSPIRATION - an exotic floral blend that uplifts, soothes and restores a sense of peace and balance
rose - geranium - jasmine

REVITALISE - balancing, stimulating and warming blend, ideal for use on fatigued muscles
arnica - black pepper - geranium – peppermint

70ml - R 62.00
220ml – R 170.00


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