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vita liberata self-tan products

Vita Liberata self-tan is completely non-toxic and 80% organic. They are all packed with natural extracts such as ylang-ylang, seaweed, pomegranate and grape, 

which means, no nasty biscuit smell and therefore guarantees a pleasant tanning experience! The tans also include the nourishing moisture-lock© system to ensure an easy, streak-free application and a natural fade.

Their extensive home self-tan products allow you to have beautiful glowing skin 365 days a year.

how to apply?

  • Apply water based moisturiser to your elbows, knees, feet and hands
  • Shake your product well
  • Apply product on your mitt and rub on in circular movements
  • Allow to develop for 3 or 8 hours depending on the product purchased
  • Wear loose dark clothes (although the product will not stain)
  • Rinse your body with running water and pat dry
  • Moisturise well!!


How to Apply Self Tanner by Vita Liberata | Sephora


product range

choose from their extensive

product range to suit your needs

body blur

instant skin finish

100ml bbl icon R1030

The ultimate combination of 6 key saviourss for the face and body:

PERFECTS - BB properties minimize blemishes, cover imperfections and smooth skin appearance

REFLECTS - light for a photo-ready, soft focus, HD skin finish
TINTS - Gives a stunning natural looking tan result that can be washed off when you choose
PRIMES - Can be used on the face as well as the body, alone or under foundation as the ultimate makeup prep
HYDRATES - With certified organic extracts that condition and nourish the skin
WATER RESISTANT - So you keep your Body Blur finish as long as YOU choose


moisture boost

hydrating moisturiser

175ml bbl icon R615

Moisture Boost Body Treatment is a highly refined, luxury moisturizer, rich in natural extracts to soothe and condition the skin. The body lotion is absorbed almost instantly and will leave the skin soft, silky and sensational to touch. The body lotion will also act as a light barrier cream for very dry patches of skin prior to tanning (do not generally moisturize the body prior to tanning).

super fine skin polish

moisturising exfoliator

175ml bbl icon R615

Super fine skin polish is a luxury skin exfoliator with spheres of Jojoba beads that gently remove dead skin cells while ultra-rich natural and organic moisturisers condition the skin. Prepares the skin perfectly for tanning


warm silken sun

tinted moisturiser

200ml bbl icon R675


Warm is for everyday skin hydration with a subtle sunkissed glow - perfect for dry, sensitive and mature skin types. It is ideal for to use after your spray tan as it will prolong the tan by a couple of extra days


2-3 week tan mousse

125ml bbl icon R1135


The ground-breaking pHenomenal 2-3 week tan is the first and only tan in the World to last up to 4 times longer than regular tans.
pHenomenal 2-3 week tan mousse comes in three different shades:

  • For the lightest, sun kissed tan result, choose pHenomenal Fair
  • For a medium, golden bronze tan result, always pHenomenal Medium
  • For the deepest, lusciously dark tan result, always pHenomenal Dark


2-3 week tan lotion

150ml bbl icon R1250

pHenomial lotion has a long-lasting colour, ultra hydrating and fine as silk. This incredibly advanced luxury tan lotion gives an instant and long-lasting, lusciously dark result with a completely odourless formula, nourishing and conditioning your skin with marine and organic botanical extracts that allow the tan to last up to 4 times longer than regular tans.

tinted self-tan lotion

200ml bbl icon R795


Tinted Lotion is a superbly hydrating product that gives a gorgeous instant colour and then develops to a beautiful tan over 8 hours. It lasts for up to 7 days. This luxury lotion with marine and organic botanical extracts ensures optimum skin conditioning and a perfect fade.

  • For a medium, golden bronze tan result Choose Rich
  • For the deepest,lusciously dark tan result choose Extra rich

rapid tinted tan mousse

rapid development self-tan mousse

100ml bbl icon R895

Moment by Moment allows you to choose your shade after just 1 hour! The transfer resistant, instant bronzing guide colour allows you to see where your tan is being applied, looks completely natural and dries instantly.

  • For a light, sun kissed glow, wash off the guide colour after 1 hour
  • For a golden bronze tan, wash off the guide colour after 2 hour
  • For a lusciously dark results, wash off the guide colour after 3 hours


wash off tan lotion

200ml bbl icon R695


24ct wash off tan lotion offers an instant, natural tan which dries on contact with skin – allowing you to enjoy a golden bronze colour without committing to a long-lasting tan. It is free from the active tanning agent DHA which makes it ideal for those with allergies. 24ct is bursting with shimmering bronzing pearls that create a subtle shimmer effect – perfect for contouring cheek bones and collarbones.

rich face

tinted self-tan lotion

100ml bbl icon R695

Rich Face tan is a light, tinted lotion that combines deep moisture and instant bronzing to care for the delicate skin of the face and neck. It can be used regularly in place or with your normal moisturizer

deep face

gradual tan lotion

100ml bbl icon R675

Deep Face tan is a light, un-tinted lotion that combines deep moisture and instant bronzing to care for the delicate skin of the face and neck. Perfect for dry, sensitive and mature skin

capture the light

illuminating skin finish with spf 25

30ml bbl icon R975

Capture the light is an opaque illuminating skin finish that offers a smooth covering which banishes blemishes and fades freckles.

  • For a medium glow, choose Latte
  • For a light glow, choose Latte Light

tanning mitt


An extra soft flock application mitt designed to work with and enhance Vita Liberata tans. Ensures a smooth and streak-free natural tan. Can be hand wash and reused numerous times without reducing its effectiveness.

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