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couples massages


The spa is a perfect destination for couples, it has double pedicure recliners and a double shower in the massage room.

there is something special in sharing a great massage experience together.

Pamper your partner, friend or family member with one of these amazing massages: 


theranaka massages

custom massages


Relieve your stress and muscle tension with a customised massage using intensely hydrating body butter. Choose to either:


relax bbl icon UPLIFT bbl icon DETOX bbl icon INVIGORATE bbl icon SOOTHE


30 minutes - R300

45 minutes - R390

60 minutes - R480

90 minutes - R650



signature massages

theranaka african wood massage

90 MINUTES bbl icon R650

Mimicking the rhythmical patterns of African Dance, this signature treatment begins with warmed Olive & Shea butter drizzled all over your body, nourishing and healing dry skin, followed with a facial massage using wooden dumbbells to release jaw, temples and sinus tension. Then begins the full body experience as body dumbbells along with the healing butter help reach all the tense areas and then slowly releases them one by one.


 theranaka tri-scented nugget massage

90 MINUTES bbl icon R650

Inspired by the people of Africa’s use of the circular motion, this unique ritual was created to encompass our connection with nature and celebrate the circle of life. Small blocks of aroma infused Shea and Avocado butter are placed on different areas of your body to aid circulation, relaxation and clear areas of congestion. Experience the soothing warmth as the butter melts under your therapist’s hands leaving you utterly relaxed, whilst your skin is nourished and hydrated with the purest of essential oils; Lemongrass, Neroli and Sweet Orange.

(Not Suitable for pregnant ladies)


 theranaka african awakening massage

90 MINUTES bbl icon R650

Drawing inspiration from the Marula tree and the African traditional healing beliefs, an ultra-relaxing indulgent full body massage has been created. The skilful combination of contracting and oxygenating breathing techniques will awaken your senses and revive your body and mind. 



near infr-red deep tissue & muscle injury massage 

60 MINUTES bbl icon R600

Near-infrared light offers athletes non-invasive treatment for soft tissue injuries, providing fast recovery and pain relief. The treatment is primarily to relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation while promoting blood flow and the body’s own tissue repair mechanisms, thus accelerating your recovery time. Treats arthritis, tendinitis and joint problems as well as removes body toxins especially mercury which is considered one of the most dangerous substances 


bbl icon increase of blood circulation 

bbl icon reduces inflammation 

bbl icon treats arthritis and tendinitis 

bbl icon removes body toxins 

bbl icon increase tissue repair



body exfoliation

40 MINUTES bbl icon R280

Theranaka collection of cleansing body scrubs are made with 100% natural blend of plant botanicals to gently and effectively eliminate dead skin cells, moisturise and leave your skin soft to the touch.

Choose between:

african earth salt polish bbl icon geranium and pine sugar scrub



body wraps

60 MINUTES bbl icon R570

To commence this sensory journey you will recieve a full body exfoliation, followed by a herbal infusion back or legs massage. Let your mind drift off whilst you are cocooned in a comforting envelopment of fragrant oils and therapeutic ingredients.

Choose the wrap that will treat, renew or invigorate the skin and drift away during a relaxing scalp massage. Bringing this journey to a close is the healing touch of your therapist applying nourishing Baobab lotion. An experience out of Africa!

Choose between:

detoxifying mud wrap bbl icon relaxing & hydrating aloe forex wrap 


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