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male waxing

Our spa offers men’s full body waxing, and our therapists are also trained on male biking waxing, which can be slightly painful but handled with the best of care.

The ‘Full Monte’ male wax includes everything from the bottom of the belly button to the crease in the leg and from the scrotum to the inner part of the buttocks. We do need assistance though with a little shifting and pulling, ensuring comfort and utmost privacy to each of our clients.

please inform us if you are consuming any skin thinning medication,ie roacutane


fyi for first timers'


  • Exfoliate the night before
  • Men are known to have limited pain threshold and we recommend taking a pain-killer (not aspirin as it has blood-thinning properties) or applying Emla cream to numb the area (available at any chemist over the counter)

after care

In the next 12-24hrs (depending on the skin’s sensitivity):

  • Avoid steam rooms and physical training
  • For prevention of ingrown, we recommend buying a tube of ‘FINO Soothe’ which helps with preventing and managing ingrown hairs and will soothe any irritation or redness. Just ask one of our friendly therapists
  • Wear loose and natural fabrics
  • Avoid extended sun exposure


  • Hygienic
  • Smoother feeling
  • Results last four to six weeks
  • Looks better and has an enlarging effect for the ‘main attraction’ (when doing a ‘Boyzillian’)

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