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Mrs A

Hi Yael

 I am so glad that I came to your salon .

It was really relaxing , clean and gently soothing - as these things should be . 

Just  what I desperately needed. 

I was trying to work out what was different , why did I come away from a manicure -  not a spa day feeling calm and so pampered.

I realized that  for me it was the privacey.

There are usually 6 to 10 women at a time having treatments ,making conversation about diet /children / work ...All the things that one does not want to think about  ;)

The fact that I did not have to see friends or strangers as they walked past the shop front was a great relief. 

A  break from the reality of the non- stop .

I really appreciated that very unusual element .

A little bit too much so . I kept on looking at your clock wondering why the time was so incorrect , it wasn't 

I was just chilling and my daughter was on the street next to the security guard outside her extra lesson for more than 30 mins waiting for me to fetch her.

I don't usually do that, I felt really bad .

My reaction was that anyone of your staff would do an excellent job .

if or when I do spoil myself again ,I would look forward to doing it with you .

I don't remember feeling spoilt anywhere else .

wishing you continued Hatzlacha 

Thank u so much 


Thursday, 30 July 2015 13:14
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