Our therapists are always ready to assist

The qualified skincare therpist will conduct an in depth consultation before every peel to understand your particular concerns and establish a diagnosis. Then, you and her together, will work on a treatment programme and homecare regime to suit your skin and achieve the desired results. Bear in mind that your skin changes between the seasons and has diffrent needs. 



A procedure that removes the dead top layer of the skin by the application of an acidic formulation. These acids are usually derived from everyday substances like grapes, sugar cane, almonds and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. 

The treatmnet may tingle and itch on application and during the neutralization process, depending on the initial condition of the skin.


When many people hear the word “acid” it’s still common to feel nervous, the truth is chemical peels are widely 
used to treat many conditions with great results!
The skin is acidic, this means that the application of an acid based product would aid penetration. The ability for a skincare product to penetrate the skin is very important, all skin conditions and any skin problems or concerns begin in the lower layers of the epidermis; this is why an active product with a lower (acidic) pH is good.


Peel Options

This potent, yet gentle and safe skin treatment incorporating medical grade ingredients delivers powerful results for all skin types.
For best results, particularly if we treating a particular skin problemwe, we highly recommended, taking a course of 6 treatments, with 2-3 weeks appart. 

Essel Peel- R650

It is the most effective treatment for eliminating and controlling all forms of acne in adults and youth. Has an immediate soothing and cooling effect on irritable skin as well as smoothing the skins surface. With each peel and correct homecare your acne scars will begin to fade away

Essel Peel- R650

Essel peel is an advanced peel based on a unique blend of salicylic, glycolic, lactic and azelaic acids resulting in smoother, firmer and fresher looking skin. This treatment can be successfully used for acne treatment, photo-damage, pigmentation and scarring.

Foot Peel- R300

A Highly effective treatment to improve the appearance of your feet. Our foot Peel is an effective foot peel, which works well to remove dead skin cells. It will be combined with a pedicure and it leaves your feet soft and smooth.