Waxing is a form of hair removal, recommended for people of all ages and both genders, which removes the hair from the root. One should start as young as possible when the hair is still fine; making it less painful to remove and over time thins the hair so less grows back.
An added advantage is that, with every wax your body gets exfoliated leaving you feeling silky and smooth. Waxing should be performed every 3 – 6 weeks, depending on your hair growth. There are two different types of wax: STRIP WAX is done with paper or muslin strips and designed to work on larger areas of the body such as the legs or arms. HOT WAX is removed without strips mainly for; the bikini, underarm and face area.


• You need some hair growth (minimum 1cm) for the wax to hold onto, but not too long
which can make the treatment more painful (so trim hair down to just the right length
before your appointment)
• Please exfoliate the day before
• If you’re worried about pain, take one or two pain killers an hour before your appointment
or else a numbing cream like Emla about 30 minutes beforehand
• For the ladies: Your skin is often more sensitive nearer to your cycle or during pregnancy
so waxing can be more painful during this time


•The area can remain sensitive, ask about our ‘post laser gel’
• Don’t use any scrubs for the next 48 hours
• If you get any ingrown hairs try our ‘Fino Soothe’
• Keep hands away from freshly waxed skin
• Opt for a shower. Don’t take a hot bath for the rest of the day
• Exfoliate, two full days later only if you are prone to ingrown hairs
• Stay away from prolonged exposure to heat – including saunas, steam rooms, sun
tanning and intense heated exercise for one day after a wax as you’ll be more prone to
• We advise keeping the freshly waxed area clean and free of products including lotions,
gels, deodorant and perfumes until the following day


• If you are on oral retinoids such as Roaccutane / Oratane
• If you are taking steroids or cortisones that may thin the skin
• If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis on the areas you want to wax
• If you have just been in the sun and you are sunburnt or have a heat rash
• If you are suffering from, bacterial, viral or fungal infections